Dreaming of wings

As children we are allowed to dress up and make-believe, we imagine our glamorous future selves as adventurers, celebrities or mythical beasts.

As we get older should we relinquish these fantasies?


pam-woody-wide.webThe latest image from a series of collaborations exploring ideas of identity;  how we are perceived, how we perceive ourselves and how we might confuse or subvert expectations . With costume designer Pam Tait  we considered the links between ageing and invisibility. Earlier posts show further collaborations

Urban camouflage

from the hide/disguise series work-in-progress

Part of the  ‘camouflage’ series of images which addresses how we present ourselves and how we negotiate the idea that we must somehow ‘fit in’ but also ‘stand out’  from the crowd.


We seek protection: from the elements, from each other, from the world. How we manage this depends on our psychological and material resources – we usually feel they are inadequate.  These images are from a series called ‘protective devices’ made with the performer John Callaghan