Fake Hair


‘wigs’ and ‘beards’ – an inevitable theme in the ‘disguise’ series. It was only after I published the first images that I realised that this is reprising a project that I was involved with several years ago with artist Joanne Wardrop

false facial hair for women – a video-piece inspired by some wispy straw sideburns exhibited in the Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford accompanied by this label

These symbols of manhood were worn by the (Angolan) bride for a short time after the wedding ceremony before moving into her husband’s home

During the project, archive footage came to light, revealing that the hair pieces were used in a  performance that could be understood as an extended ‘hen party’.

Photo etching

I am very attached to certain items of culinary items, they come up time and again in my artwork. Glassware reacts with light in ways that I love photographing and works well as photo-polymer etchings, I’ve been exhibiting these works at Spike Print Studio in Bristol and also at this year’s Jamaica Street Open Studios

Postscript: Has Cornelia Parker seen my work? I notice that she is following a similar line of enquiry. cup ballet